Thinly veiled desire

I’ve been dubious about wearing a veil at the English wedding, because I was worried about the fact that my vintage dress is already a trifle costumey, and I didn’t want to make it too fussy with the addition of too many accessories. Silk flowers in my hair, I thought, or maybe a feather hairband.

But these glorious pictures at Lillian and Leonard have me swayed. The bride is wearing what looks like a silk tulle chapel veil with a decidedly vintage dress, and she looks beautiful.

long veil 1

long veil 2

The full-length silhouette is just so sweet and old-fashioned and lovely. And it’s encouraging that the dress and veil seem to be different shades — the dress is more of an aged cream, the veil is white — but they still look great together. One of my concerns was that if I got a white or even an ivory veil (not that I’m physically capable of telling the difference, but I’m told there is one!), it would make the dress look dirty as it is vintage and it is not a pure white colour.

But sigh! Her outfit is lovely. Maybe I will try a chapel veil, though I will really need to try any veils on with the dress to see what it looks like. I ought to be careful, though; probably a big part of the reason why it looks good is because the bride is gorgeous.

(Pictures from Lillian and Leonard, link to source post above.)



Introducing: The APW Writing Interns

For the next 7 or so months (jeez it’s coming up close) I will be blogging as an intern for sensible feminist wedding blog A Practical Wedding. My fellow interns seem super cool (also, considerably more photogenic than I am!) and I’ve selected a handy pseudonym and everything. I’m excited!