An update

I haven’t updated this in ages! I wonder if anyone follows it? I only use it these days to preview privately blog posts I’ve written for APW. *koff*

APW pretty much fulfills my wedding-blogging needs, but here are the boring details I don’t talk about there.

1) P and I have purchased wedding rings. I’ll prolly pay for them, since he paid for my engagement ring. They’re going to be thin yellow gold bands (3mm, 9 ct for him; 2mm, 18 ct for me). Mine’s going to be shaped around the curve of my engagement ring. Apparently people who do this and want to wear the wedding band by itself turn the curvy bit inwards. This revelation by the nice lady at the jewellery shop blew my mind.

I have to say, I am a big fan of the jewellers we are using. They’re really nice, they have a beautiful selection of antique/secondhand jewellery, and the prices seem pretty reasonable (though admittedly we didn’t bother shopping around for the wedding bands).

2) I bought yet another wedding dress! It’s huge and poofy and I haven’t given it a second thought since buying it. I kind of felt guilty when I first bought it, but now I am like, whatever, and am quite relieved not to have to worry that people will think it’s too ~unusual~ — because it isn’t. I’ve also stopped feeling guilty about spending so much on various dresses because a) none of the dresses I’ve bought have been that expensive and b) we can afford it, so whevs.

I’m going to wear the new poofy dress for the English ceremony and my adorable vintage ’50s dress from San Francisco for the Chinese ceremony.

3) I’ve also got a beautiful baju kebaya for the Chinese wedding dinner. It’s pink and green and embroidered with flowers. *___* I love it. When I tried it on in the shop a whole phalanx of admiring aunties turned up and stared at me through the entrance.

I also got matching kasut manik which I have to say are really auntie in style, but very comfy in substance.

4) All music selection duties have been delegated to P (actually planning the whole English wedding has been delegated to P, but, details!). Organ music will consist of Handel, Bach and Widor. Unfortunately, not being a churchgoer myself, my main association with organ music is with vampire movies (the old-fashioned black-and-white Gothic terror kind, not the new-style sparkly bishounen kind). Luckily I did do some classical music lessons growing up, so I recognise the Handel and Bach (although we played it on the clavinova, not the organ), and the Widor is sprightly enough to overcome vampiric associations.

P is going to choose the hymns because I do not know any hymns and er don’t really care. A friend of P’s has very kindly offered to compose music for the wedding, so he’s in discussions with the friend about composing something for the first dance. I had been kind of hoping that we’d forget there was such a tradition as the first dance ….

5) We have pretty much booked the honeymoon! We are going to Italy — the Ligurian coast. P sort of knows the area, as he taught English in Bologna for a while, and it fulfills all our requirements — a short flight from the UK, relatively easy to get around, and has culture as well as good food and good weather. We’ll be there for five days between the weddings and I’m pretty excited about the accommodation we’ve booked.

I was happily telling my sister about the beyootiful B&B we’re gonna stay in, and she was all, “Why didn’t you book a 5-star hotel? That’s where I’d wanna go on my honeymoon!” And I kinda see her point, but I don’t think it would add much to my experience to stay in a 5-star hotel — certainly not enough to justify the expense. I really like small quaint pretty places to stay, and comfort is way more important to me than fanciness.

6) Me to P: What would you say your theme for 2012 is gonna be?

P: “Getting married”.

Me: Mine’s “Transitions”.

P: Aw, yours is more intelligent than mine.

Me: To be fair I had time to think of the answer before I asked you the question.