A protest

I won’t name names because I suppose blogging for A Practical Wedding means I’m sort of part of the wedding blogosphere now, but can I just say:

– believing you were French in another life

– secretly wishing you lived in 1750

– old Jane Austen novels (what, as opposed to the new ones?), and

– rustic daydreams

are all four of them COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THINGS. Jane Austen was only born in 1775! She was not French in any way! (If you want 19th century novels by a female author with French in them, try Bronte — to this day I have no idea what was said in several of the conversations held in Jane Eyre.) And if you insist on conflating rustic daydreams with 19th century literature why not go for bloody Hardy or somebody like that.

This is what happens when you fall into the lazy writing habit of speaking entirely in buzzwords. I think it’s definitely possible to write intelligently about style, but as with everything else it helps if you interpose your brain between style stimulus and verbal response.


One thought on “A protest

  1. sometimes in forum-ing, we have to consciously remember that not everybody knows what we’re talking about, although it’s second nature to us. BUT the readers/commenters really, really would have a terrible gag reflex if they can’t grasp enough of the conversation to participate 🙂
    That is my greatest challenge.

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