My baby shot me down :(

It’s not really my baby who shot me down — it’s everyone else! A while ago I was pondering the hen do and wondering what I’d like to do for it. And a lightbulb went off over my head:

 A Lord of the Rings marathon!

It was perfect. It was something we could do at home, in our living room. We’d’ve all watched the movies before, so we could chat while it was playing if we felt like it. We could cook! And bake! And just generally hang out! It would be like a slumber party, with extra geek. It would be cheap.

And The Lord of the Rings — as you can kind of guess from my journal name — has a lot of emotional significance for me. LOTR fannishness was a major component of my bond with my two closest friends, who are my bridesmaids — my maid of honour M and I cosplayed for the release of The Two Towers, walking airily around a shopping mall dressed as a hobbit and an elf respectively, and I first bonded with S when she noticed that I wore a Burger King replica of the One Ring on a chain around my neck. (Yes, I did actually do that as a 17 year old. What can I sayI’m a dork.)

My sister also loves LOTR, and when I floated the idea her jaw dropped.

“That’s amazing!” she said. “It would be so great!” We basically high-fived over the genius of the idea.

Emboldened, I floated the idea to all the other friends who are likely to attend my hen do.

Silence descended on the table.

No,” said everyone, pretty much simultaneously.

I was taken aback. “But — S, I thought you liked LOTR!”

“If even S is rejecting the idea, you know it’s not a good idea,” said another friend firmly.

“You can do a LOTR marathon any time,” said S.

I just didn’t get it. I still don’t get it! Everyone then said, “Ooh, how about an afternoon tea party, that would be nice” and you can do an afternoon tea party ANY TIME!

The girls have decided that I need to be surprised about the hen do, and it sounds like they might be planning a whole weekend event. And it’s just a bit weird! Part of the reason I thought the marathon would be a great idea was because it would be inexpensive, and from wedding forums and the like I’ve heard the gripes about brides demanding extravagant hen dos. It’s not that I’m expecting tea at the Ritz now, but I s’pose it will be something fancier than a marathon. I guess it’s because I’m pretty much the first of my peer group to get married, so nobody’s had the time to get jaded about wedding fripperies yet.

I have emphasised that the option of the marathon is always there. If their afternoon tea party or whatever never gets off the ground, I’ll be there with the DVDs and a bag of Doritos.


2 thoughts on “My baby shot me down :(

  1. I used to wear a silver replica of the one ring in my left hand, and one day, while I was holding a document in court for the Court’s secretary to type it, she noticed it and asked, all excited : “Is it Arabic???? what does it mean???? ” And I replied “well, not really. It’s Tengwar and it says: One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,One Ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.” She looked at me in disbelief. I guess she was not a fan as me 😉

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