Dress sighting

Woohoo, reading wedding magazines was useful for once! (Well, for a given, extremely minimal value of “useful” …) I was flipping through a copy of Brides at a friend’s place when I spotted a dress that looks like the dress I bought. \o/

After reading the Weddingbee boards and seeing people share pictures of real brides in the wedding dresses they had chosen, I’d started to feel somewhat left out. I could see how it would be useful to see a style you’d chosen on a real person and have an idea of what it looks like on an ordinary person, rather than on a model in a professional photograph.

So it was quite cool to see something so similar on a real (albeit model-beautiful) bride! It was a vintage dress, of course, probably from the same era (late ’30s/early ’40s). It differed slightly in that it looks whiter in the photos than my dress is (though my dress will undergo a serious cleaning — bleach might be involved — and may or may not come out whiter), there’s more embroidery on the bodice of hers, and the collar and sleeves are lace.

But the basic idea and silhouette of the dress are the same. And she looked very pretty! Perhaps I will look pretty too. :O My current concern is that I will look like a kid playing dress-up in my dress, and she certainly didn’t look like a kid, though that’s not to say I won’t.

The magazine described her look as “elegant”. “Elegant” seems to denote a certain amount of demureness, whereas “glamorous” usually has an element of sexiness. Do you think that’s the case? Maybe I have just made that up.

Seeing the pictures has made me lean towards keeping the collar — after all, it’s part of the look — and lean away from wearing a veil, as the bride in the magazine went for a casual windswept ponytail and looked very nice. My initial thought when I first bought the dress was that the very most I’d wear in my hair was a flower, because anything else might make it too fussy/costumey. But maybe I will not wear anything at all in my hair. It would be one less thing to worry about.


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