Whatever will bee will bee

I’ve been lurking on the Wedding Bee boards of late, just as something to do. It’s interesting! It’s very American and much less ~alternative~ than most of the wedding literature I pickle my brain in. And it’s interesting to see what sort of wedding dresses people choose who aren’t obsessed with ’30s bias cut, ’50s poof, ’60s mod or ’70s hippie. A quick survey of the pictures posted turn up the following trends

– Strapless (but of course)

– Pick-ups. I’ve seen more pick-ups on this forum than I’d ever seen previously IN MY LIFE.

– General giganticness

Ball gowns or mermaid/trumpet gowns seem the most popular silhouettes. This isn’t to say they aren’t very nice dresses – they are! I just hadn’t realised that most of the stuff I look at was so outside the mainstream. What I like is seeing gowns on real people, rather than on professionally styled and made-up models in advertising material, but pictures of vintage wedding dresses are quite rare on Weddingbee.

I did manage to find a thread on vintage dresses in which one bride had bought a very nice ’70s-style wedding dress with a Queen Anne collar and lopped off the long sleeves, leaving the lace detailing as cap sleeves. It made me start wondering whether I ought to implement more drastic alterations to the vintage dress I bought.

I like my dress, but my main concern with it is that it might look too fussy. The dresses I’ve been drawn to the most and can imagine myself wearing are quite simple, with maybe a couple of quirky details. The dress I got has puff sleeves, a collar, covered buttons down the bodice and a sort of peplum made of petals at the hips – perhaps a few details too many?
So far I’ve only asked the seamstress to repair tears in the netting and to alter the fit, but I wonder whether I could/should get rid of the collar. What stopped me asking earlier was that the collar is attached to netting, and it seemed to me that it might be trickier to change the neckline with such delicate fabric. In ordinary life I tend to prefer scoop and boat necks to collars, and I might like a lower neckline better on the dress … but on the other hand, it’s pretty as it is, and changing the collar might dilute the idea of the bodice — currently it looks like a blouse on top of a tulle skirt. Pretty cute!

Hmm. I might just see how I feel the next time I try it on. The seamstress has got it at the moment and I’m not likely to meet up with her until January or February, but I’ve got loads of time to make up my mind – or dither, as the case may be!


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