Designer wedding dresses on the cheap

The title is catchy, but what I really mean is “designer wedding dresses on the less-expensive-than-is-usual-for-designer-wedding-dresses”. The Outnet have just unloaded a glorious crop of glamorous long dresses which would make beautiful bridal options. I’m gonna list a few of my favourite that are below £1,000, because £1,000 is a number I personally am not willing to go over for a dress you hopefully only wear once, but you ought to go to the website and look through their dresses if you’re willing to spend more — they have some fabulous pieces.

Click on the pictures to buy.

This Roksanda Ilincic dress is gloriously high fashion. I love the drapeyness and the fact that I have no idea what’s going on with the collar. If I was going do heavy breathing at any of these dresses, it would be this one, but I’m saved from piercing dress regret by the fact that I’m not quite on board with the asymmetric sleeves. Usually I like asymmetry, but here the sleeve just confuses me. I’m inclined to think either both or none would be better with this dress. Still, it is beautiful, and my favourite of the lot.

Another Roksanda Ilincic piece, this dress is made of “honey silk satin”. How delicious is that? You just want to lick it up. I love the wonderful shapelessness of this dress and the drapey bit at the side — the train or bustle for the woman who likes neither. Not quite keen on the black slash at the bust, but if you don’t mind black for a wedding this is a wickedly cool choice.

I like the simplicity of this. The shape is great, the halter detail and the sleeves are both lovely touches, and the bandage bodice (their words, not mine) would probably be enormously flattering. I’d be seriously tempted if it weren’t for the fact the only size left is large.

I tend to either adore or feel really meh about Temperley wedding dresses. I think I fall on the side of “adore” here — it’s such a beautiful shape and material, and the bodice is so interesting. I like how from a distance the medallions look like eyes staring at you.

There’s something very ’90s about this — very Monica from Friends! — but it’s none the worse for that. I like it for its stark simplicity — you could pile on the accessories and have the craziest shoes you wanted with this dress.

And finally:

How cute is this Thakoon Addition dress? It’s a little flirty, it’s a little luxe (made-up fashion magazine word, but the perfect one for this dress), it’s got interesting detailing, is made of a beautiful sheeny silk and has an eminently wearable shape. That said, if you’re going for this style, I think you ought to buy this vintage dress instead:

Admittedly the shape is different and it’s polyester, not 100% silk, but it’s totally cute and is £320 cheaper. Add fabulous shoes and you’re done. You’re welcome!


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