Yet another dress post

I went a-strolling along Oxford Street today and reviewed the wedding dress options on the high street.

It was fun! I tried on two or three things I would have liked enough to buy if I needed a dress.

I really liked this Coast dress:

The Coast bridal dresses seem pretty nice, actually — the quality and construction are decent, and the fabrics feel nice, unlike the Anoushka G dresses at House of Fraser. (The Anoushka G dresses look OK, but they just felt a bit nasty. I don’t mind if something is made of synthetic materials so long as they FEEL nice.)

The picture doesn’t do much for that dress but it is actually really pretty. I’ve got more hip than the model, which makes the skirt poof out more, and I love the combination of the embellishment and the tulle. I feel the ribbon is a bit superfluous, though. And it’s pretty pricey! £550 is OK for a big-skirted type of wedding dress, I guess, but it’s more than I’d want to pay.

I’ve never shopped at Ghost and think of it vaguely as being for older people. But I saw a couple of their dresses at John Lewis and they are really pretty!

They have a glamorous slinky ’30s look, and I love the buttons along the side. Again, the pictures don’t really do them justice … I don’t know, though; I love how simple these dresses are, but they show up every curve and not all my curves are of the type that are generally admired. I suppose a good helping of shapewear could help with that, but presumably only to a certain extent.


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