Dress progress

I dropped off my dress at the seamstress’s! She’s going to do a couple of trial repairs and then we’ll see where we are with it. She was very nice, very friendly, and seemed to know what she was about. She was realistic about what she could and could not do, which I liked. Fortunately everything I suggested didn’t seem too difficult. I think she was a bit wary of making any promises with a (potential) wedding dress, but I’m feeling good about it all.

It’s funny how weighted with expectation this one dress is. I don’t feel it’s quite as loaded in M’sia because with people in my socioeconomic milieu you tend to have more than one dress for the actual wedding (three is pretty standard, I think, but at least two lah — one for the ceremony and one for the dinner) and you usually rent them. And I guess if you rent them from a studio you usually wear a bunch of other dresses as well for your pre-wedding photoshoot.

I’m no stickler for tradition but I guess I like the idea of having one (or a couple) of significant dresses, instead of just a bunch you choose to pirouette in. It’s like going to Hummingbird Bakery and just buying one single red velvet cupcake and sharing it with your favourite person. It’s more precious because it’s just the one.

I also like the idea of having an imperfect dress. I will have decided on it and so it will work, obvious mends and all. That makes it more like the rest of life. My main concern is that my family and friends will take one look at it and throw up their heads and howl. And then I will become short-tempered and say cutting things, because I am no saint!

We’ll see! One of my favourite parts of personal blogs is Dress Journeys, so I plan to be quite detailed about mine. I still need to write about my one wedding dress salon experience (it wasn’t really in the vein of the standard “my nightmarish encounter with the wedding industrial complex” account, since it was at a vintage wedding dress salon and the saleslady was very nice).

On a separate point, here is a vintage wedding dress I would never have bought, but love!

How absurd is it? I adore the skirt. It’s so quilted and pink and scale/petal-like. And then the ridiculous solemnity of the bodice. The main thing I think when I look at it is that you would sweat like a pig, though. Something to wear only if you are getting married in the snow. But how cute would you look? Like a pink snow pixie!


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