Beading and floatiness

How pretty is this BHLDN dress from their new winter line? I don’t know what you’d call the style (I thought Art Deco maybe, but actual Art Deco wedding dresses don’t seem remotely similar). But I’m keen on the floatiness combined with the embellishment, and the soft soft colour.

It made me think of this Alice by Temperley gown which I was just admiring on Net a Porter:

Click on the picture to go to Net a Porter and watch the video! I like how the beading on the skirt sparkles, like spider webs after the rain.

The colour of this dress is smoke apparently. I don’t know what you’d call the colour of the first — something old and charming — “parchment”? Pretty good, I think!


5 thoughts on “Beading and floatiness

  1. Those are lovely dresses! I like how different they are from the usual strapless A-line, extremely-white wedding dresses.

    Instead of art deco, how about 19teens as an era to compare them too? The mid-empire waist, slight sleeves, and embellished tulle with border designs are very reminiscent of Titanic-era dresses, such as my Laurel gown (based on an extent 1910s gown), or these striking extent gowns:

    The classically inspired florals on the first dress you posted are particularly charming and 1910s in their aesthetic.

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