Save YOUR date

With dizzying efficiency, my mother has indeed extracted the inked version of our save the date design from my cousin the Architect and had them printed on postcards. The postcards look pretty good!

I asked for them to be done in black & white, figuring b&w would be easier, cheaper, and have a certain indie comic cool. My mother said colour would be nicer and promptly got her company’s artist to colour it. (/o\ so embarrassing!)

As it turned out I didn’t like any of the colour versions as much as the black & white version, but when I told my mom she said:

“Pantang lah black and white.”

I’d known of course that you wouldn’t wear black and white to a Chinese wedding, or have that colour scheme in your decorations, but with PAPER? Paper is just white! Ink is often black!

“Yah,” said my mom.

She explained that for my brother’s wedding he had designed the invitations himself and sent them out to the various guests in white envelopes. One of my dad’s friends was so incensed at receiving a wedding invitation in a white envelope that he saved the envelope and instead of giving angpow at the dinner, gave his money in the white envelope.

“After Dad realised he was so hurt by this, Dad went out and bought pink envelopes,” said my mom.

Wah lau!

Chalk up another notch on the list of “pantangs my parents never told me about until I ran headfirst into them”.

My mom had gone ahead and printed off a selection of the different versions anyway (being my mom, she’d done up 3 different versions of the design in varying colour schemes) so I guess we’ll just use those. Don’t get me wrong, I am totally pleased with the cards, and very grateful to my mom for her briskness in getting it done. Am just kind of dazed by how quickly everything has happened!


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