Paperself eyelashes

I’d heard of Paperself before via some fashion blog or other, but interested to see they’ve now set up a proper online store and expanded their offering.

While the lace garden set are beautiful and the clown eyelashes are muy cute (click on the images to get to the site):

Clown design eyelashesLace garden design eyelashes

I still like the Chinese themed ones the best. Horses for success, peonies for happiness and peach blossoms for love.

Horse design eyelashesPeony design eyelashesPeach blossom design eyelashes

Though I have to say however hard I look, the peach blossom ones just look like happy animal heads to me.

Would I wear these to my wedding? I like the symbolism, but I’m really really not a make-up person. I don’t even like the feel of mascara weighing down my eyelashes; having fake eyelashes would probably be worse!

They do wee individual eyelashes, though, so that’s something I’d consider.

Woman wearing a fake eyelash at the end of each eye

They have a theatricality teenage!me would have found very appealing, and grown-up!me still kinda likes.


2 thoughts on “Paperself eyelashes

  1. I’ve never seen these before, they look muy awesome. You’d have to have a pretty simple wedding dress tho, or one with a complementary-ish pattern if you’re looking to avoid clashing horses and things. Or maybe the top or the bottom but not the top and bottom together unless you’re ok with a little grunge rock look. v v pretty….

    • Hee, clashing horses! Sounds dangerous. I think I’d go for the peonies or peach blossoms rather than the horsies. It’s just the kind of thing where, you know, when else would you wear ‘em?

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