Wedding dresses under £150

Click on pictures to get to the source.

Satin/gauze halter neck dressI think this is so sexy and glamorous, but the gauze over the satiny material also gives it a quality of romance. 60 quid including shipping!

Less glamour, more boho. I think the shoes are wrong in this picture, though. Gold Grecian sandals might do the trick.

Handmade ivory silk dress. Very Jane Austen, with some pretty details at the bust and hem.

50s party dress. I love that it has both a fun tulle skirt and silver sequins on the bodice. And the sequins are in the shape of CLOVERS!

50s style, but less loaded with tulle.

A more restrained option. I like the ladylike silhouette and the helpful flaps.


3 thoughts on “Wedding dresses under £150

  1. No 1 and no. 2 would look nice on you! (why are her shoes blue? Aiyo. It look like she’s about to beat her stylist with her bouquet). Ever wondered how the Jane Austen style clothes look pretty on screen but on a hanger nampak macam my sleepover pyjamas? Haha.

    (also, 50s style dress with tulle!! *.* But you knew my reaction to that already XD)

    Which one’s yr fav?

    • I dunno about #1! I love it but maybe terlalu seksi for my style. Niceness of Jane Austen style clothes kind of depends on your figure/preference anyway. Good for pregnant ladies, or ladies with a tums!

      LOL, no, your sleepover pajamas are more like Punjabi suit mah, no?

      I like the first one, the tulle one and the last one. Last one is probably most my style — like the cleanliness of it. But everybody will think not weddingy enough!

  2. Thanks so much for including my dress in your post! I agree, the shoes are not good for the dress and gold sandals would be much better. For you and your readers, use the coupon code SAVEME to take 20% off everything in my shop. Good luck on your wedding planning, I got married last summer and know how hectic it can get!

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