I approve of a couple that recognises the importance of electric fans

This wedding at Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion is ridiculously beautiful. The pictures are not hurt by the fact that both pengantin are gorgeous, but even if you were less good-looking that fantastic vivid blue would cancel all your acne out.

Woman in gold cheongsam against blue backdrop

What must it be like to be so good-looking???

OH. This kind of thing makes me sigh in a way no number of overexposed pictures of blonde women in fields with mason jars could do. Did you see they took a picture of themselves next to a FAN? Did you see they wore wedding garlands and served tea to their parents? Did you see her weeping (though kind of scary-looking, you wouldn’t want her to be teaching you Add Maths) mommy’s SLEEVES? Waaaaaah.

They are very glam, though. I bet they have Mat Salleh accents.


5 thoughts on “I approve of a couple that recognises the importance of electric fans

  1. I was a bit skeptical of the Cheong fatt tze mansion wedding at first because, you know, Cheong fatt tze! Doesn’t look very glamorous from the window of hotel Malaysia whenever Balik kampung to Penang. But it looks v charmingly one Malaysia. Also, groom amat kacak too, so that helps. Very interior designing magazine glamour.

    My favourite is the happy family dancing one. Chinese weddings are sadly lacking in the boogeying on the floor.

    • Not glamorous meh??? I think it’s so pretty from the outside! It’s nice ‘cos it’s got a combo of grandeur (eh World Heritage Site leh) and homeyness, ‘cos it’s so Cina/Peranakan. Sigh, but I kenot marry there.

      OK, you boogey at my wedding k! 😀

  2. I love your blog! I discovered it when you linked to mine, and now I’m hooked. I’m fascinated by the glimpses of Malaysian wedding culture, and you have such a way with words. This phrase in particular “overexposed pictures of blonde women in fields with mason jars” made me laugh out loud. It should be a flickr set! Like the sad hipsters in fedoras blog!

    • Ohhh, I’m so glad you like my blog because I am obsessed with yours! It is so COOL. I love clothes but in a completely ignorant way, so it’s fascinating (and intimidating!) to read the blog of a proper technical expert.

      I shouldn’t really be mean about blonde women in fields with mason jars as I enjoy the pictures as much as any other stalker of wedding blogs. But they are an easy target!

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