Hobbits vs. Elves: a first post

I have decided to start a wedding blog! Instead of merely reading them and then boring my poor friends with my thoughts about weddings.

The title of the blog is because I, like many engaged people who say “no, I don’t want a huge white cake of a dress; no, I don’t want a glamorous beach wedding; no, I don’t want to get married on top of a skyscraper*”, am finding that my values and desired approach are somewhat at odds with those imposed by society. At least, society as filtered through wedding magazines and the like — but I have been surprised at the differences I’ve had on the subject of weddings with close friends.

I said mournfully to my best friend: “I just want to have a hobbit wedding, but most people seem to want to be elves.”

Bilbo Baggins's eleventy-first birthday party from The Fellowship of the Ring

What I aspire to.

Glowy elves passing from Middle-earth from The Lord of the Rings movies

What many other people prefer.

I also find the English-language wedding blogosphere extremely Anglo-American-centric. I did a quick Google for Malaysian wedding blogs — no dice. Lots of pretty photography, but not much musing. And musing is my favourite thing!

In the spirit of being the change you look for, therefore, here I am. I doubt this will garner much readership besides possibly my fiance and my other recently-engaged, abruptly wedding-obsessed friend, but I plan to blog for a year (My Year in Weddingland) and hopefully this will make a nice memento in future of a specific time in my life.

*Maybe it’s just my family who thinks this is a good idea.


3 thoughts on “Hobbits vs. Elves: a first post

  1. Halo! You did it :))) never let it be said that you bore us with ze wedding shenanigans. Hope it turns out quite wedding and not so elvish at the end!

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